Guided Meditation

Our meetings include 20 minutes of guided meditation. While we have often had a member lead by using the guides in the back of the Refuge Recovery book, we have also found it helpful to use some audio recordings of guided meditations found on the web mainly because everyone can participate. So in hopes it might benefit others, and in no particular order, here are some recordings of guided meditations that are approximately 20 minutes in length:

Compassion Meditation, Pablo Das (19:06)

Gateway to Open Awareness, Tara Brach (19:04)

Equanimity Meditation, Noah Levine (16:57)

CompleteĀ Meditation Instructions, Diana Winston UCLA MARC (19:00)

Listening to and Feeling Our Life, Tara Brach (19:55)

Intro Guided Meditation, Ajahn Sundara (19:29)

Mindfulness of How We Are Mindful, Gil Fronsdal (21:22)

Mindfulness of Thinking, Ines Freedman (22:51)